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Alliance Seeks Marketing Firm For Help With Arizona Gives Day

About the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Founded in 2004, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is a trusted resource and advocate for Arizona’s nonprofit sector. Comprised of more than 1,000 members across the state, both nonprofits and those in the community who support them, the Alliance is dedicated to furthering the common interests of Arizona’s nonprofit community. Our work is aimed at strengthening Arizona’s nonprofit community as a whole, while also providing services and programs that directly help individual organizations succeed. By working with government to advocate for nonprofits, providing resources to help nonprofits save money, and creating opportunities for nonprofits to connect and grow, the Alliance strives to promote healthy, vibrant communities. For more information, please visit


About Arizona Gives Day

Arizona Gives is a collaboration between the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers that began in 2013. This partnership has helped raise more than $31 million for Arizona’s nonprofit sector. While giving is available on 365 days a year, Arizona Gives’ statewide, online giving campaign takes place in early April each year. The program is supported by our presenting sponsor FirstBank, along with a variety of other sponsor organizations.

Arizona Gives….

  • Helps people find, learn about, and contribute to the local causes they believe in.
  • Enables nonprofits to share their stories and engage the community through a unique online giving platform. 
  • Raises awareness about Arizona nonprofits and the critical role they play in our communities and state. 
  • Inspires people to give generously to nonprofits making our state stronger, creating a thriving community for all. 
  • Your gift improves and strengthens Arizona through the power of collective giving!


Project Scope

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is seeking a marketing firm with extensive experience in digital campaign management and design. The selected firm will work closely with the Alliance’s Marketing Department and Leadership Team on the tasks outlined below.



·      Update the Nonprofit Toolkit:
-Customizable social post graphics. FB/Twitter photo (1); FB Post Template (1); Posts sized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (12)
-Arizona Gives “Approved” icon – stamp of approval for nonprofits to leverage when they’re approved participants
-FB profile filter. 1 new AZ Gives FB profile filter that nonprofits can share with their supporters
-Instagram Story – 1, 3-slide IG story that will be AZG branded but can be modified or edited by the nonprofit to include their own imagery
-Design one (1) customizable 8.5”x11” poster

·      Ad creative updates – Create 2 new ads (1 print, 1 digital) for Arizona Gives Day and 1 new ad for year-round giving.
-Print – one ad sized for a full page, horizontal half-page and horizontal quarter page. 1 Tax Credit ad (in 1 size) for AZG to feature.
-Digital display ad. One ad, sized for 12 variations.

·      Social media posts – Design fifteen (15) posts for use on day of and five (5) result posts
-Create five sponsor posts
-Create graphic announcing AZG 2023 date
-Create one cover image with new date for Twitter and FB

Digital Marketing

·      Digital campaign management (pay-per-click and social). Beginning in March, manage the digital (PPC) and social ad campaigns and optimize them to drive as much qualified traffic as possible. Each month provide a detailed report that highlights how each channel performed in reaching awareness conversion goals. Services include:
-Campaign management and optimization
-Budget management and optimization
-Ongoing keyword research
-Audience targeting refinement
-Detailed monthly reporting

·      Day of – Actively optimize PPC ads to ensure we are the highest bidder on Google
-Manage social media ad campaigns to reach the AZ Gives audience and encourage individuals to give before midnight

·      Social media ads
-Pre-event ads: nonprofit testimonial ads; Facebook event ads; Save the Date carousel ads
-Day-of ads: donation-focused carousel ads, IG donation ads, Twitter donation ads, Google pay-per-click ads
-Post-event ads: Final numbers thank you ads

·      Post event wrap-up. Compile digital dashboard the recaps key success metrics (open, click through, engagement, shares, impressions) from digital and social campaign efforts


Ownership of Final Product/Intellectual Property

At the conclusion of the process, the ownership of the final product(s) will fall under the Alliance’s purview, but the marketing firm may use it as examples in their portfolios.


Assumptions and Agreements

The Alliance reserves the right to dismiss any proposal for any reason.

The proposal shall include portfolio examples (online links are acceptable) and references of

businesses with which the firm has worked on similar assignments.


Submittal Requirements

Proposals must be submitted in a .pdf format to Angela Palmer at


Proposals must include the following:

1)    A firm profile, length of time in business and a description of the firm’s core competencies.

2)    Description of the firm’s design philosophy and methodology.

3)    Portfolio of similar work completed for previous clients including KPIs demonstrating success in a digital marketing campaign. We will specifically be looking for prior success managing fundraising campaigns for nonprofits.

4)    Description of the firm’s availability to begin the project in accordance with the schedule (see below). Provide a proposed timeline for implementation and delivery.

5)    List service fees for the completion of the elements as requested and present the total estimated cost to complete the project. This budget should reflect the firm’s cost, and not the amount used to cover the digital ads. Our estimated budget for these services is $25,000-$30,000. Our paid ad spend varies per year and is dependent on our funders.

6)    Biographies for key individual(s) assigned to the project including tenure with the firm.

7)    Three references including the type of work done for each and the date of completion. Please include company name, address, phone number and contact name.

8)    A summary explaining why your firm is most qualified.


All submissions must be sent electronically as a .pdf.


Selection Process

The following details the two‐step process the Alliance will use to determine the interest, qualifications and selection of a final partner for the project:

1)    Submission of qualifications: Pre‐qualification
The Marketing Department will determine which firms are best qualified to complete the project based on the information requested in the RFP.

2)    Finalists
The Marketing Department will ask the finalists to make a presentation discussing their qualifications, the process, and any items they envision or any suggestions for desired outcomes. The selection committee reserves the right to determine the number of finalists, but it is expected that 2‐3 firms will be selected for further consideration. 


Schedule for Selection Process

Issuance of RFP:   June 15, 2021

Responses Due:   August 1, 2021

Finalists Notified:   Week of August 16th

Finalist Interviews:   Week of August 30th

Award of Contract:   Week of September 15

Anticipated Commencement of Project: October 15


Request for Additional Information

The Alliance reserves the right to request any additional documentation that it deems necessary to assist with the review and contract award process.


Contract Terms

All produced materials by the selected firm on behalf of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits are confidential and become the exclusive property of the Alliance. The selected firm may not share project materials, member data, industry or project participant contact information

unless explicitly authorized by the Alliance to do so. The Alliance is not responsible for any costs incurred in preparation of a proposal. The Alliance reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as a result of this RFP, to negotiate with all qualified bidders and to cancel the RFP, in part or in its entirety, at its sole discretion.



If you have questions, please contact Angela Palmer, Director of Marketing, at or 928.457.0592


At the Alliance, we recognize the importance of diversity. We are committed to being a valuable member of the communities in which we live and operate. Diversity in our supplier base is an important part of that commitment. Through our Supplier Diversity Program, we are dedicated to diversifying our supplier base to include minority-owned (MBE), women-owned (WBE), veteran-owned (DVBE), LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer/LGBTBE)-owned and disabled-owned businesses and individuals wherever possible. We actively work to include diverse suppliers in every bidding opportunity.