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Getting to Know Rural Development Manager, Angelica Hernandez-Williams

Hello, I am Angelica, the Rural Development Manager. This position is NEW for the Alliance so I plan to develop it together with the Alliance team and the rural communities. I was asked some questions from the Alliance team so you, the members, and the community could get to know me better. But before I get into those answers, please know I can be found on LinkedIn (Angelica Hernandez-Williams) if anyone would like connect or has any additional questions. Also, my email is


What are some important things that you hope to accomplish in your role with the Alliance?
rnMy position is a combination of duties, but it is all geared to toward rural Arizona! Rural communities hold so much richness and friendly people that I really hope to elevate nonprofits in our rural communities across the State. I want to see the capacity of rural nonprofits grow and hopefully increase membership so rural nonprofits are getting the support they need. And I especially want to hold events so the state as a whole can connect with the many amazing nonprofits in rural Arizona.


What do you find special about living in a rural community?
rnI am from Sierra Vista which is located in Cochise County. Check a map and you will find us near the Mexican Border close to Tombstone and Bisbee. Rural communities are just that, a community! Each town has a unique set of strengths that community members love to share, whether its pecans in Green Valley, wine in Willcox, or Route 66 in Kingman. I still have plans to one day attend the Annual Chocolate Walk in Cottonwood (hopefully this year). There is always something fabulous to discover in a rural community. Plus, I’ve had some of my best conversations with rural citizens and they are always inviting you back to visit or move there.


What is your go-to driving playlist?
rnLong drives are sometimes key to rural living, but that provides for lots of car-karaoke! My favorite of all time is Ne-Yo! Literally anything by Ne-Yo. I use Spotify for my music and I really like the following playlists: Divas, All Out 00s, Today’s Top Hits, and Put the Lime in the Coconut/Tarantino. I don’t know if I should admit to this one….Disney Classics (it can be our secret).


What are you enjoying in your spare time?
rnI am currently working on my Master’s in Labor and Employment Law. While I enjoy the content and the knowledge I am gaining, I have noticed my lack of spare time. Before my Master’s (and COVID) I really enjoyed hosting dinner parties. Trying a new recipe, or sharing a classic, while laughing and catching up with friends is my happy place. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest for this reason. I even decorate the table like you see in Home and Garden Magazine (maybe not to that fancy level, but you get the idea).

rnSomething else that people may be interested in knowing about you?
rnAs it may come off, I love food and I love the experiences that develop around food. COVID prevented my favorite activity so I had to get creative in keeping my passion alive. I created a Facebook Live show called Chips and Chat, an Instagram based around trying unique foods/snacks, and I repost a lot of the content on YouTube. I’m no influencer, but my family and friends watch and comment and even join some of the live sessions so in a sense it has brought those dinner parties into a virtual setting. I look forward to the many new foods I will discover in the rural communities across Arizona.