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Voter Registration

Voting in Arizona:

Click here to find information on special voting circumstances, nonprofit resources and official voting information from Arizona’s elections website.

Visit NonprofitVOTE’s Frequently Asked Questions: When Doing Voter Registration at Nonprofits.

Voter Engagement Checklist:

It can be difficult to know where to begin when working to engage voters in the community you serve. That’s why Nonprofit VOTE has put together an informative checklist, with additional considerations and resources designed to guide you from getting voters registered, all the way through to getting out the vote on Election Day. Get Started with Voter Engagement: A Checklist.

Voter Engagement Timeline:

While many give credit to a highly-anticipated election for record turnout, we know voters don’t turnout unless they are engaged; and those efforts can take months, if not years. There is no time like the present . . . to start engaging the community you serve. For more information on how to get started check out the Voter Registration and Engagement: Timeline provided by Nonprofit VOTE.

National Voter Engagement Day:

National Voter Registration Day is the country’s largest single-day voter registration drive and usually takes place in September!

As many as 1 in 4 eligible Americans are not registered to vote. Each year, millions of Americans are walled off from the democratic process due to easily solvable issues such as missing a registration deadline or failing to update a registration after moving. It’s this reality that brought National Voter Registration Day into existence in 2012, and has kept it going strong ever since. Learn how your organization can assist!