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Nonprofit leaders…are you sufficiently in touch with of your impact on the people you lead?

Nonprofit leaders…are you sufficiently in touch with of your impact on the people you lead? 

Do you understand how people see you, your moods and behavior?


Now is the precise moment time for nonprofit leaders to take a look at their emotional intelligence (EI). EI involves a set of skills that help leaders perceive, understand, express, reason with, and manage emotions – both their own and others’. EI is a critical leadership competency to leading self and others out of the pandemic exhaustion into strength and resilience. Leaders need to be in touch with their feelings and motivations if they’re to be able to lead others.

High EI leaders are:

  • Self-aware, live in the moment
  • Aware of others, empathetic
  • Authentic and genuine

High EI leaders:

  • Have strong emotional reasoning
  • Manage their own behavior well
  • Positively manage, motivate and empower others.

Leaders with high EI can clearly identify strengths and opportunities. They see their impact on others. They have good insight into the experiences, needs and motivations of their teams. High EI leaders demonstrate the positive energy necessary to drive organizations forward. The good news is that emotional intelligence can be developed, improved. It’s the oxygen mask that you put on yourself so that you can take care of those around you. It’s the mirror, gently showing you have you’ve actually behaved, been perceived by your team. I’d like to work with you to improving your emotional intelligence. It only takes 4 hours of your time to set up and conduct a 360-degree EI assessment, feedback and development plan. Give me a call.

Ev Taylor, PhD Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Advisor 480-720-9065

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