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Welcome to the Policy Council at AZ Impact for Good, where passionate individuals come together to shape public policy and advocate for Arizona's nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. As an advisory group composed of nonprofit and philanthropic professionals from across the state, the Policy Council plays a crucial role in guiding our Public Policy Framework and annual agenda.

Participation in the Policy Council is open to members of AZ Impact for Good, including professionals from nonprofit and grantmaking organizations, as well as experts in public policy who support these sectors. We strive to create a council that reflects the diversity of our nonprofit and philanthropic community in Arizona.

Here's what you can expect as a Policy Council member:

  • Ongoing Education: Stay informed on local and national issues, trends, and best practices with regular updates and reports.
  • Monthly Report from the National Council of Nonprofits: each meeting, provides insight and perspective on issues facing the sector on a broader scale.
  • Access: Access to the legislative bill tracker and advocacy communication from AZ Impact for Good.
  • Engagement Opportunities: Share your insights, concerns, and viewpoints on various nonprofit issues through productive discussions and information sharing.
  • Advocacy Support: Help mobilize grassroots and grasstops efforts, inform boards of directors, partners, and the media on important legislation, and shape our advocacy strategies.
  • Policy Influence: Participate in meetings with policymakers, provide testimony at the legislature, and contribute to the development of our annual legislative agenda.
  • Help: mobilize the ‘grassroots’ and ‘grasstops’, and informs boards of directors, partners and the media on legislation, propositions or positions important to the nonprofit sector in Arizona.

If you're passionate about making a difference and shaping the future of our sector, we invite you to get involved. Meetings are typically held once a month on a Friday from 9:00am-10:30am via Zoom, allowing members from all parts of the state to participate.

Meet the leadership team:

  • Chair: Penny Allee Taylor, Member, AZ Impact for Good Board of Directors
  • Co-Vice Chair: Lisa Lumbard, Lumbard Consulting LLC
  • Chief Public Policy Officer: Laurie Liles, AZ Impact for Good

Ready to attend your first meeting?

Join us in advocating for positive change and advancing the interests of Arizona's nonprofit and philanthropic community. Together, we can create a more equitable and thriving future for all.

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