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Public Policy Resources

Welcome to AZ Impact for Good's Public Policy Resources hub, where knowledge meets action in the realm of advocacy and public policy. As champions of positive change, we are committed to equipping our members with the tools and resources needed to navigate the complex landscape of legislative and policy initiatives. Whether you're seeking advocacy training, joining our esteemed Policy Council, or staying informed through our Advocacy Action Alerts and Newsletter, we're here to empower you every step of the way. Explore our offerings and join us in shaping a brighter future for Arizona.

Advcacy Training for You and Your Staff

AZ Impact for Good provides advocacy training and public policy-related webinars and in-person workshops to inform our members throughout the year.

These programs are available for either free or at a reduced cost for our members and are accessible throughout the state.

For more information about what is available please visit our events calendar.

AZ Impact for Good Policy Council

AZ Impact for Good’s Policy Council is an advisory group of nonprofit and philanthropic professionals from across the state that shapes our Public Policy Framework and annual Public Policy agenda. Policy Council members stay informed about national and state public policy issues and help our advocacy team analyze key sector-related legislation.

For more information about taking part in the Policy Council, please contact Laurie Liles.

AZ Impact for Good Advocacy Action Alerts

AZ Impact for Good keeps members informed about state and federal nonprofit and philanthropic issues that could impact their organizations or causes through our Advocacy Action Alerts. These timely communications provide clear instructions for actions members can take to make their voices heard when it matters most.

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AZ Impact for Good Advocacy Newsletter

Stay up to date on state and federal legislative and public policy issues that affect nonprofits and philanthropy through our monthly Advocacy Newsletter.

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Voter Engagement

Confused or uncertain about how or if a nonprofit can be involved with voter engagement? Consider:

  • IRS rules allow nonprofits to engage in voter registration, education and mobilization
  • Nonprofits are legally required to engage in nonpartisan voter engagement activities; nonprofits may not support or oppose specific candidates, and therefore do not seek to register and mobilize only certain voters
  • Each nonprofit can decide how extensive its efforts will be, but every nonprofit can at least participate at some minimal level

Learn more about voting in Arizona here.


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