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Explore AZ Impact for Good Membership Types

Welcome to a community where your commitment to positive change is celebrated! AZ Impact for Good offers diverse membership types tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, organizations, businesses, and government entities within the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. Discover the perfect membership type for you:

Public charities and nonprofits are defined as tax-exempt organizations that aren’t private, corporate, single-source, operating, or community foundations. This category includes fiscally sponsored organizations.

Nonprofits that meet IRS requirements for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code may select Nonprofit membership, while all other types of 501(c) nonprofit corporations should select Government Entities/Other Types of Nonprofits.

  • Private and Community Foundations are defined as 501(c)(3) organizations that make grants for charitable purposes.
  • Corporate Funders are defined as businesses that support the community through grantmaking or sponsorship or private foundations whose assets are derived primarily from the contributions of a for-profit organization for grantmaking or sponsorship.

Single-Source and Operating Foundations are defined as 501(c)(3) organizations that both fundraise and provide grants/funding.

  • Single-Source Foundations can make grants to their own organization only or to their own organization as well as for charitable purposes.
  • Operating Foundations make grants for charitable purposes only.

Businesses are for-profit companies and sole proprietors/consultants working in the nonprofit and philanthropic arena that recognize how they can benefit from AZ Impact for Good’s network expertise on developments affecting nonprofits, foundations, and corporate giving programs and form greater visibility with those organizations. Some may also be providing support/expertise around organizational development, strategic planning, fundraising, grant writing, board development, and leadership transitions.

Government & Tribal Government Partners are governmental organizations or departments within a larger government that share AZ Impact for Good’s commitment to helping create thriving communities within the state of Arizona.

Government & Tribal Government Partners may also be grantmaking government entities that provide grant funding to public charities and nonprofits.

Students interested in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector are eligible to join AZ Impact for Good as full members at a discounted rate.

Students must be taking at least 6 credit hours (undergraduate) or 3 credit hours (graduate) per semester or comparable credits in a quarter system. Students must provide documentation as proof of status.

Champions for Good are individuals committed to preserving and strengthening the great American traditions of giving and volunteering, nonprofit initiatives, and citizen action.

A Champion for Good is an individual representing themselves and does not replace membership for their organization or business.

This program provides a means for individuals dedicated to the vision and mission of AZ Impact for Good to support and participate in our work.

This does not constitute membership with AZ Impact for Good. A Champion for Good has access to take part in the Annual Day of Advocacy and Policy Council. 

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