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Law Matters Live Radio Show


Law Matters Live Radio Show 

Every Sat. moring at 8, Law Matters brings law enforcement to you. The Law Matters live, weekly radio show was created to give law enforcement a voice rather than a soundbite. In doing so, we also give our listeners a voice with federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies across the country, the legal community, government officials, and our military. You will hear truthful, up-to-date information valuable to you and your family while contributing to and encouraging safer communities. 

We are not journalists; we are regular people asking questions, looking for straight answers from the people who have them. We enthusiastically support a positive approach to the everyday stories of our brave men and women who serve us 24/7/365. 

In addition to opening those lines of communication Law Matters sponsors free educational events to give Arizonan’s information about trending issues impacting our communities. Law Matters also offers an internship program to local college students. Because Law Matters donates the radio show breaktime to law enforcement for much needed public service announcements, we are in immediate need of funding and benefactors to financially support our mission. 1030 in police code means excessive use or unauthorized use of the radio. While we ask all our listeners to request topics, they feel would benefit everyone, we also ask them to go to our website for podcasts and to take the 1030Challenge. We appreciate your support. 

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