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Jennifer Blair, plans for retirement at the end of 2022

Dear Alliance Members, Partners, Friends, and Supporters.
After 26 years of impactful work in the nonprofit sector, I have decided to retire from the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits effective December 31st of this year.
Since I began working as the first Director of Membership at the Alliance in 2006 and again when I was blessed to return in January of 2015, you all have been an endless source of inspiration and joy for me. For this, I thank you.
I’ve known many of you since the time I worked at the Arizona Community Foundation. We’ve laughed together, we’ve celebrated together, and many times, we’ve even cried together.
Watching you rise to every challenge and fight to create a better future for all of us in Arizona fills me with hope. I have learned something new every day and have made lifelong friends in Arizona and across the country through our sister associations in the National Council of Nonprofits.
I value the trust you’ve put in me and have treasured my relationships with you. In our effort to create a seamless transition, we have been working on a succession plan to ensure our partners and members continue to receive the same quality of care and support they are accustomed to
I am thrilled to take this moment to announce the transition and promotion of our very own, Robyn Reyff, my ‘partner in membership,’ who will take over my role. It was without question that we move forward with Robyn as Director of Membership, as our members have successfully and enjoyably worked with her since her start in 2020. Robyn is a blessing and, since she joined the Alliance, I have always been able to count on her.
I feel confident in Robyn’s ability to build on the foundation we have created for Alliance members, and I am happy to see how she has developed her relationships with our members over the years. Cheers to many more successful member programs and events.
You are the reason I show up every day, strive to do my best, and give 100{592f8c7c8c8b9ae4dc802fde18bb1ca44654f2582e5e375fbd59d148d420668f}. I will carry my love and admiration for every one of you, always. 
Don’t be surprised to see me at one of your future events.
Oh, and don’t ever forget! You are awesome! Keep it going…

Jennifer Blair

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