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News and Info for Nonprofits: Maricopa County Public Health – Sanitation and First Aid Items Available for FREE

Maricopa County Public Health Giving Away COVID Pandemic Prep Items for FREE

Submitted by: Maricopa County Public Health

Throughout the COVID pandemic, Maricopa County Public Health has provided PPE to long-term-care, physicians, schools, charitable organizations, etc.   We’re currently in the process of demobilizing and need to empty our warehouse.  We have a variety of both current/unexpired and expired items that can still be used, depending on their intended purpose.   As during the pandemic, all items are free of charge, though we MAY ask you to send someone to pick up at our warehouse.   

List of available items: 


  • N95s NIOSH approved (L-188 folding style and L-288 rigid style).  Exp April-June, 2025.
  • Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes (packages of 1200 wipes).  Exp 12/23.*

*These require a dispenser, which we do not provide (approx. $60).  Note: a single pack of wipes is c. $50.  Price ranges vary depending on supplier. You may view online pricing here.

No Expiration: 

  • Sharps Containers (various sizes), including 2, 3, 8 and 9 gallon.  
  • Band-aids (basic 3” plastic adhesive strips). 

Expired items:

We also have a large volume of expired items, which we’re unable to distribute for medical use.   Facemasks can still be used for general purposes, such as patients, visitors, schools, but not for medical procedures specifically.  We still distribute a large volume of masks to long-term-care for patients/visitors.  Certain items come in a variety of units per case, so we can provide specifics upon request.  All items are in original packaging: 

  • Level 1 medical gowns.
  • Facemasks (3-Ply and ‘surgical’), generally 2000 per case.
  • Touchless infrared thermometers.
  • Face shields.
  • Chemistry-class-style goggles.
  • Uline safety glasses.
  • Zinntex sanitizing wipes (for countertops, etc), 24 cannisters Per Case.
  • Various alcohol-based hand sanitizer that’s beyond its “best by date”.   They come in communal sizes (office size) to keychain style, 1.7 oz pocket bottles, great for distributing at various events.   

If you or any organization you know of is able to take any of the above items, please me know and we’d be glad to help!

For more information please contact:


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