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Member Benefits & Resources

Alliance members have access to an extensive group of member benefits and resources. 

Be sure to check your specific membership level for information on other benefits that may be available to your organization.

Your organization's membership benefits extend to all your staff, volunteers, and even board members - at no additional charge!

Training & Information

AZ Impact for Good provides educational opportunities throughout the year to help nonprofit professionals learn and grow. Professional development and access to information can increase job satisfaction, strengthen staff retention, and improve the service nonprofits provide to the community.

  • Online Webinars
  • E-Newsletter
  • Magazines & Newspapers
  • In-Person Workshops
  • Online News & Articles

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Advocacy & Public Policy

While every nonprofit has its own challenges, some issues affect us all. AZ Impact for Good works with nonprofits to monitor legislation that impacts the entire sector. Working together makes our collective voice heard at the local, state, and national levels.

  • Nonprofit Policy Council 
  • Advocacy Training
  • Advocacy Action Emails
  • Advocacy News
  • Day of Advocacy

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Cost Savings

Nonprofits are constantly asked to do more with less. And since every dollar saved is a dollar that can go toward fulfilling an organization’s mission, our cost savings opportunities help nonprofits statewide do more every day.

  • Discounted Event Fees 
  • Insurance Savings
  • Reduced Credit Card Fees
  • Healthcare Pool
  • Website Builder

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In a recent survey of Arizona nonprofit leaders, the number one challenge facing their organizations is access to new and diverse revenue sources. The Alliance offers tools and training to help nonprofits increase donations and retain donors.

  • Grant Training Webinars 
  • Arizona Gives Day
  • Arizona Guide to Grants Online   
  • Grant Station

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How to Start A Nonprofit

Our How to Start a Nonprofit guidea free resource, invites you and the people working with you to think about the difference you seek to make and the structure best suited to move forward. The 40-page interactive guide leads you through key decision-making steps to determine whether a nonprofit is the best way to accomplish your goals. If you decide to move forward with a nonprofit, How to Start a Nonprofit guide walks you through the compliance and good-practice steps to become operational. 

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Online Nonprofit Community

Alliance members have access to a customized online profile to promote their organization and to connect with information and resources.  Profiles can be customized to include text, video, social media, documents, and even custom pages and blogs.  Members can connect to and message each other from inside the online community, as well as access a variety of members-only resources.  The online community offers members a multitude of ways to engage with a wide audience of nonprofits, businesses and individuals throughout Arizona. 

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Professional Networking

The Alliance’s networking opportunities can help nonprofit professionals connect with peers and exchange ideas, plus it’s a great way to feel supported and help others succeed.

  • Volunteer Leadership Opportunities
  • Events
  • Online Nonprofit Community
  • Introductions & Connections

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