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Unemployment Insurance

Your Success Is Our Goal

Nearly 30 years ago, First Nonprofit set out on its mission to fix a major problem impacting nonprofits: Nonprofit employers were forced to choose between paying the overpriced State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) tax for this mandatory insurance cost and exposing their organization to unforeseen risk by self-insuring their unemployment claims. To address this, FNP designed programs that allow 501c3 nonprofits, tribal and governmental entities to take advantage of the savings that comes with reimbursement financing while minimizing risk.

Find out more about First Nonprofit’s program benefits and the many ‘wrap around’ services you’ll receive as a customer: Your Success is Our Goal.

Check out this FREE webinar presented by Beth Quynh from First Nonprofit, “SUI: State Unemployment: Let Change be the Opportunity,” recorded for your viewing.

State Unemployment  Insurance Alternatives Exclusively for Nonprofit, Tribal & Government Entities

There’s no avoiding State Unemployment Insurance – or SUI – for short. The requirement of SUI crosses the bounds of for-profit, nonprofit, tribal, and governmental employers. However, the difference is in managing the cost. Watch the video below and learn more about partnering with First Nonprofit to find out the best SUI option for your organization.

Find out what your organization could be saving! Click here for details.

  1. Download and SAVE the application form to your computer first.
  2. Complete and save the application form.
  3. Email the form to Beth Quynh, Regional Director, to receive a quote.

Beth Quynh, Regional Director

First Nonprofit


Is your nonprofit organization prepared for 2023 SUI costs?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the filing of more than 80 million unemployment claims across the country. As nonprofits begin to re-open or shift operations to safely accomplish their missions, organizations should evaluate the impact of these claims to their 2023 budget and beyond.

Nonprofits across Arizona saw their state unemployment insurance (SUI) tax costs drastically increase during the most recent economic recovery. Below is the average SUI tax cost per employee before and years after the Great Recession:

2007: $105

2012: $165

2018: $160

More than 2,000 organizations across the country rely on First Nonprofit (FNP) to reduce their SUI costs, manage and safeguard their budget from unanticipated unemployment insurance expenses.

Contact Beth Quynh today to request an evaluation on your organization’s SUI costs and learn more about FNP’s unemployment programs and benefits, including:

  • Program Options because one size does not fit all! First Nonprofit offers not one, but three unemployment programs, as well as stand-alone excess loss insurance.
  • Designated Unemployment Claims Administration Team to provide claims validation, representation at all unemployment appeal hearings, audit of benefit charges and advice; including trainings and seminars on the unemployment processes.
  • FNPACCESS: Live HR advice, group purchasing, and discounted background services.
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